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How To Unlock Your Full Orgasmic Potential And Experience Mind Numbing Orgasms During Sex!


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  • Where orgasms really happen and why knowing this gives you total control over your ability to orgasm. (Hint: it's not the genitals)
  • Why understanding how your cars gas and brake pedals work can help you orgasm more easily.
  • My simple 3 part orgasm formula that when followed guarantees a mind blowing orgasm out of every sexual experience.
  • And more!

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I discovered you by accident while researching female ejaculation/squirting.

Having received a few of your emails I find it intriguing that a guy would go to all this trouble to be fully informed/educated on the female anatomy and her sexual zones!

At first I was highly skeptical. Some guy telling me what I'm feeling inside! But then I thought what the hell if he educates guys out there it can't be all bad.

And I must admit I'm sold!

You not only highlight the physicality's of sex but also the emotional. VERY IMPORTANT!

Having recently discovered the joy of ejaculating/squirting I actually look forward to your emails.

If you're ever passing this way Birmingham, England it would be nice to see you.

May D. | Birmingham, England

Great job as usual, Jason! We women are grateful for all your efforts to educate both men and women. I personally have learned more from you-about my own femininity- than any other source after 30 years of 'experience'.

Tina P.

Thought my orgasms were always pretty good. I had no complaints. SHUT THE DOOR!!!! I found myself taken to a place I didn't know existed!

Sandra S.

Unlock Your Full Orgasmic Potential And Finally Experience The Pleasure, Confidence And Joy Out Of Sex You Deserve!

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