Hi, everyone. Jason Julius here. This is the first video that I’ve made specifically for women to coincide with the launch of my biggest project to date, the website that you are on right now, ElevateYourOrgasm.com.

I created Elevate Your Orgasm to help women who have trouble reaching orgasm, whether that be during sex with their partner or during masturbation alone, and to teach women how to have more powerful full-body orgasms and, yes, even squirting orgasms. If you’ve ever wanted to understand your body and orgasm better, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are an orgasm pro or looking for some tips on how to get yourself over the edge to have your first orgasm, you will certainly learn a lot here.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up to get my free three step orgasm formula video, where you’ll get a crash course in how your orgasm really works as well as an explanation of the orgasm roadblocks that may creep up and how to blast through them.

Okay, now on to today’s video. In the video, I’m answering a question sent in from a woman who wants to ask about full-body squirting orgasms and how she can get to them from where’s she’s at now. Currently, she’s capable of having around 20 orgasms each time she has sex (which is amazing, by the way), but they aren’t the full-body climactic experience she’s craving. She wants to know how to take things further.

Watch the video for my full response, which, by the way, is good advice for all women wanting to know how to have a full-body orgasm (with squirting or not).

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